ISH150 V3 Evo - Horticultural Lighting System Powered by Samsung LED

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Benefits and Features

  • Samsung latest chipset LM301H Evo
  • Full Spectrum White Light powered by the very latest Samsung LM301H Evo 
  • 435nm gives higher PPE
  • Deep Red 660nm v3 powered by Samsung LH351H
  • 60,000 hours min life span
  • Most efficient Samsung LED ever
  • Dimmable
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • CE 


The new ISH150 V3 Evo boasts improved efficiency via the Full spectrum white light courtesy of the latest Samsung LM301H EVO, benefit from improved plant health, terpenes and yields. 


Type DR
The latest upgrade features 256 Samsung LM301H Evo with an efficiency of 3.32umol/J and 16 V3 SAMSUNG LH351H 660nm Deep Reds. This gives you not only the most up to date technology on the market to date but also a spectrum tuned specifically for canna. Increased PPE with 435nm spike for improved growth and penetration. 

The ISH150 V3 Evo produces extremely impressive results. Expect between 1 - 2 grams per watt return. The light is the equivalent to 250w of HID lighting.


The ISH150 V3 Evo

  • Fully assembled 
  • Samsung LED LM301H Evo
  • Meanwell Driver 150w
  • Fully Dimmable 
  • 3m Power cable
  • 2.90 umol/J
  • Manufactured In the United Kingdom
  • CE, ROHS 


250mm x 300mm x 90mm


Full Cycle / Flowering 2ft x 2ft

Lamp Efficacy
  • Fixture efficacy 2.90 umols/J
  • Fixture PPF 328 umol/s
  • Total PPFD at 12 inches 21,119 umol/m2/s

  • Average PPDF at 12 inches 1044 umol/m2/s

  • Total PPFD at 16 inches 21,071 umol/m2/s

  • Average PPFD at 16 inches 842 umol/m2/s

    Power Consumption
    135w Draw

    Operating Temperature 
    Rear of Heatsink 35c-45c
    Driver 35c-40c 

    ISH150 v3 Evo par map in 2ft by 2ft tent at 12 inchesISH150 v3 Evo par map in 2ft by 2ft tent at 16 inches


    sphere test results for ISH150 v3 Evo

    Invisible Sun LED products are manufactured to the following international standards








    Invisible Sun branded products come with a 2 year guarantee and 3 year warranty on our boards.  The LED's have a life span of 50000+ hours. This gives you piece of mind that you wont have to spend on any on going costs like bulb replacement for up to and past 5 years. 


    Disclaimer : Invisible Sun LED UK limited produce lighting products for the horticultural industry, these are intended for the commercial horticultural industry and home hobby horticulturalists,  we are not responsible for our customers use of the lights once purchased.

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