Invisible Sun Guide

Invisible Sun LED boards are designed to meet the needs of any indoor garden either as a supplement lighting using our variety of kelvin ranges or more commonly as a stand alone light for full spectrum, full cycle growing.
The diodes we use produce diffused full spectrum white light , you will  find a link here to Samsung's white paper on the benefits of White Light LED usage in horticulture. 

How many boards or Kits do I need for my Space ?

Invisible Sun advise between 30w - 35w per square foot as a general guide line as to the amount of light required. visit our "Which Light" page to use our light calculator to establish which system is best for your space. 

Below is a general guide of coverage for each kit and board

ISH150 Pro and Type R - covers up to 2.5ftx2.5ft for flower and full cycle 
ISH265 Pro and Type R - covers up to 3ftx3ft for flower and full cycle

ISH530 XL and Type R - covers up to 4ftx4ft for flower and full cycle

Additionally we have a range of custom options, feel free to contact us for more information on the coverage of these options. 

Which driver should I choose ?

Invisible Sun boards are the same principle as cobs, wired in either series or parallel. firstly you need to decide if you are running a constant voltage CV driver for parallel wiring or a constant current CC driver for series wiring.

Warning - If you are not familiar with DIY lighting/electronics and making a secure connection then opt for series wiring and a CC constant current driver.  

Example - Each ISH288 board is 48v, when 2 boards are ran in series you will require a driver that can fit 96v into its output voltage. This is the sum of both 48v boards added together. Driver suggestions below, these are just guides and not the only drivers that work.

Note - When packaging drivers with full lighting kits Invisible Sun LED only use Meanwell Branded drivers. A link to Meanwell is here where you can find the technical documents for all of their drivers. 

Driver options
1 board
ELG 150 C2100 A/B 3Y @ 146w
2 boards
HLG 240h C2100 A/B  @ 280w
HLG 320h C2100 A/B  @ 300w
ELG 240H C2100 A 3Y @ 270w

3 boards
HLG 320H C2100 A/B @ 340w

4 boards
HLG 480H C2100 A/B @ 500w

Important note _ Drivers are not always readilly available in all territories, when full lighting kits are purchased by the customer a suitable driver from the above list will be supplied.

How to wire your Invisible Sun boards in series ?
Either follow the image for wiring, (tip) make sure your boards are facing the opposite way.
to each other for easier wiring.
Or watch the quick assembly video below

Wiring 4 boards in series (ISh120 pcb / ISH150 pcb)
Parallel wiring driver options with ISH Pcb's (ISH120 pcb / ISH150 pcb)
We use Molex connection on our ISH288 boards and Wago on the ISH120's 
For connection wire we recommend 300v rated hook up wire, either solid core or flexi. 1mm /1.5mm /2mm 
Avoid using general house wiring

Warning -
If using flexi / stranded wire, solder / tin the end of your wire for a better connection.

To extend your wire lengths we supply either Wago 221's or 222's with each full lighting kit.