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SKU: big start-0.5L-1

Organic soil enhancer and root booster of high quality for crop enlargement, extracted from humic acids and seaweed.

It contains also fungi Trichoderma and Bacillus subtilis for a better resistance of the plants, encourages their growth, improves soil fertility, enlarges the supply of nutrients and root growth.

It is used as a supplement to organic fertilizers for a larger input of micronutrients. Big start is also an excellent source of food for soil microorganisms. It can be used on all kinds of plants, including fruit trees, vegetables, decorative plants or for grassland It is used in all growth phases of a plant.

N-P-K 0-0-2

• Improves the soil structure

• Enhances the ventilation of the roots and their growth

• Regulates the soil pH

• Enhances the input of nutrients (mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and micronu trients)

• Increases the resistance of the plants

• Contains organic mineral substances

• Enlarges the capability of restraining water in the soil

• Encourages the development of chlorophyll, sugar and amino acids

• Encourages the growth and expansion of soil microorganisms



Watering: 5 ml / 1 l water, once per week

Foliar application: 3-5 ml / 1 l water, every 10 to 14 days Shake well before use