ISH 5R Horticultural light - Powered by Invisible Sun R Strip and Samsung LM301H

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ISH 5R Horticultural light - Powered by Invisible Sun R Strip and Samsung LM301H is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Benefits and Features

  • Perfectly even distribution of PAR
  • Ultra efficient 
  • One of the most efficient ways of growing 
  • Dimmable
  • Perfect for scrogging
  • Replaces 500w HPS
  • Emerson effect with 660nm and 730nm


The ISH 5R is a full cycle grow light kit which consists of 5 of our Invisible Sun R Strips with deep and far red mounted onto our custom Orange Invisible Sun heatsinks and "S Frame"


Measuring 560mm x 1120mm this system gives improved canopy coverage and enables the light to be hung closer to your canopy for better canopy penetration. The R Strips are mounted onto custom heatsinks to provide best performance. 



560mm x 1120mm x 20mm


The ISH 4R DIY kit includes

  • 5 Invisible Sun R Strips powered by Samsung LM301H
  • 5 Customer Orange Heatsinks
  • S Frame and Fixtures 
  • Meanwell 240 Driver
  • Hanging Kit
  • Power Cable
  • Inline Connector
  • Wiring and Wagos Connectors



For Flowering this light will cover up to 2ft x 4ft

Lamp Efficacy

2.61 umols/J with V3 LM301H

Power Draw


Invisible Sun LED products are manufactured to the following international standards




Our Invisible Sun branded products come with a 2 year guarantee and 3 year warranty on our boards.  The LED's have a life span of 50000+ hours. This gives you peace of mind with no on going bulb replacement costs for up to and beyond 5 years. With Invisible Sun boards running around 90% efficient after 5 years they really are a sound investment.

The driver supplied as standard for the ISH 5R  is the Meanwell HLG 240 C1750A 

Disclaimer : Invisible Sun LED UK limited produce lighting products for the horticultural industry, these are intended for the commercial horticultural industry and home hobby horticulturalists,  we are not responsible for our customers use of the lights once purchased