ISH72-C Supplemental lighting system - Powered by Samsung LED


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The ISH72-C is a small 20w light designed for Clones, seedlings and mushroom growing. 

  • Slim and Sleek design for easy install
  • 5000k full spectrum white light
  • Replaces T5
  • Perfect Spectrum for seedling to early veg stages
  • Promote rooting with 5000k Spectrum
  • only 20w
  • CE - ROHS - UKCA - EMC

20w fixture will replace up to 60w of T5 tubes. Light weight fixture at less than 1kg. 

3mm thick anodized silver heatsink with Meanwell driver

Give your young plants the best start in life.


Power Consumption

Lamp Efficiency
2.7 umol/J



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