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Contains an entirely organic concentrated powder of Endo&Ecto mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, microorganisms and Trichoderma. It extremly enlarges the growth of the root system (up to 400%), which will enable the plants a better supply with nutrients and enhance their immunity.

The plants will be more productive, healthier, and the yield will be of a higher quality. The expression mycorrhizae is used for a group of fungi, which form a symbiotic relationship wih the roots. Small roots spread into the soil and enlarge up to 400% the growth of the root system.

The plants need to be less fertilized, are more resistant and the yield will be of a higher quality. At the same time the need for watering decreases.

Mycorrhizae contains:

9 sorts of endo mycorrhizal fungi Glomus claraum, G. intraradices, G.mosseae, G. deserticola, G. monosporum, G. aggregatum, Paraglomus brasilianum, Gigaspora margarita and G. etunicatum

9 sorts of ecto mycorrhizal fungi Rhizopogon villosullus, R. luteolus, R.amylopogan, R. fulvigeba, Pisolithus tinctorius, Laccaria bicolor, L. laccata, Scleroderma cepa and S. citrinum

Advantages of the usage of mycorrhizae:

• Increases surface area of root zone

• Helps with water and nutrient uptake

• Unlocks phosphorus

• Improves transplant survival rates

• Accelerates growts rates

• Increases plant growth in poor soils

• Decreases the shock after transplantation

• Enhances the resistance to a droughty period.


100g will threat 33 2L – 3L pots.

As a general guide, apply 1g of Mykoriza premium per litre of rootball.

The goal is to achieve an even coating of the mycorrhizal spores over the young feeder root system on the outside of the rootball.

Dust the powder lightly over the rootball.

Cuttings: Mix 1 scoop Mykoriza with half a scoop of water. Dip your cuttings directly into the mixture and plant them in cubes or soil.

Watering: Mix 1g per litre of water and repeat watering every 2-3 weeks. Hydroponics: Use 3 g p


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