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We understand LED's can be a mine field to the beginner or even a time served horticulturist so here are some FAQ's we receive about our products



  • Are the real Samsung LED's ? - Yes 100% legit and guaranteed by us

  • What is the coverage of a 250w kit ? - The coverage of 250w kit is up to 9 square feet 
  • How many kits do I need for a 4x4 ? - You would need 2 x 250w kits for a 4x4

  • What distance should the light be from the canopy ? - 18 inches for Veg and 12 inches for flowering

  • What wattage do the lights pull ? - This varies on the driver used and the current but generally 205-250w

  • Do these really out perform HID lighting ? - Yes, you get more useable light for less energy consumption, as long as you get a good coverage  you will out yield your old HID

  • Can I connect the heatsinks together ? - No, this is not possible

  • Do I have to use an branded heatsink ? - No, you can use any heatsink that the board fit too, but you will require tooling to attach the boards

  •  Can I really expect between 1-2 Gram per watt ? - Yes this is perfectly possibly with these lights, grow your plants big and the rest will follow

  • Do you ship to the USA ? - Yes, we ship all over the world

  • Are the lights plug and play ? - No, they are diy kits which need assembling, assembly is an additional fee  



If there are any questions that you have which are not covered on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us

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