Research and Development for Growth
Research and Development has always been part of Invisible Sun's DNA, from designing our first PCB and researching which chipsets to utilise, through to designing heatsinks for thermal management, we strive to broaden our understanding of the science and technology within our industry so that we can implement the very best components and technology into our products to provide more to the consumer.
R&D Technology
We continuously research new technology to implement in our products, from dimmers and controllers to LED advancements and component improvements, our promise to continue to work on developing everything we build. Our latest improvement to our products comes in the form of the new SAMSUNG LM310H EVO with ground breaking efficiency levels. 3.35 umol/J and higher ppe with 435nm Peak. 
Technology implemented 
  • First Company in Europe to utilise the LM301H
  • First Company in the world to implement the Emerson Effect using 660nm & 730nm into full cycle lighting fixtures with our Type R spectrum.
  • R&D into Cannabis led to our hugely popular Type BR spectrum which gave an improved plant structure and growth pattern.
  • Developing a full supplemental range for additional boosting and triggering of specific traits. 
  • R&D into Sleep initiation using Far Red 730nm.
  • Conformal Coating for complete water proofing to circuit boards.
  • R&D into UVA and the effects on Cannabis
  • Worlds first mid power LED 3.1 Umol/J Lighting System the ISH X BAR
  • First Company in Europe to utilise the LM301H Evo chipset
  • First Company in Europe to utilise the LH351H V3 chipset. 
R&D Product development 
The development of products is what we do best, from LED PCB from our DIY beginnings to the plug and play units and commercial offerings we have today.
Below are a list of products we have designed and brought to market. 
  • ISH288 pcb
  • ISH70 pcb
  • ISH120 pcb
  • ISH150 pcb
  • ISH108r pcb
  • ISH108b pcb
  • ISH150r pcb
  • ISH272R pcb
  • ISH272BR pcb
  • ISH576 pcb
  • ISH240L pcb
  • ISH960L pcb
  • ISH UVA8
  • ISH UVA4
  • ISH DR8
  • ISH RB8
  • ISH FR8
  • ISH75
  • ISH100e
  • ISH150v2 / Eclipse
  • ISH265 v2 / Eclipse
  • ISH530 v2 / Eclipse
  • ISH320e 
  • ISH165e
  • ISH F BAR 
  • ISH650 F
R&D in Horticulture
This year we are investing in a new facility to research DLI rates for salad and fruit crops. 
Key points of research 
  • Reaction of plants to specific spectrums
  • Yield, Flavour and Colour's and time to harvest 
  • Specific research in speeding up harvests using far red 
  • DLI figures for each crop
  • Specific Spectral intensities and plant reactions
  • Replication in home environment 
  • Stacked Food Systems 
  • Yield vs Time vs Power for data on home system replication and potential
Further information on results will be published through the site as they become available. Crops produced will be donated to local charities/foodbanks where appropriate. 
Crops for 1st years Research 
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Rocket
  • Chili Peppers
  • Radishes
  • Corn
  • Herbs
  • Garlic
  • tomatoes