Which light for which space ?

We understand we have a large number of options and configurations of lighting systems, so here we will explain which lights are best suited for which spaces and requirements. 

So when choosing the right light you should consider the points below so that you can find a light which has the right power intensity and coverage for your required space.

  1. The floor space you are trying to light in Square feet
  2. The height of the grow room or headroom
  3. Preferred Watts per square foot 30w -35w optimal
  4. Growing method 
  5. Is corner to corner coverage important to you ? or is a central light suitable ?

Once these points have been established you can get a better understanding of which lights would be suitable for your grow room.

The single most important of the above points is to establish how many Watts of light you will need for your room, below is a grow room calculator. Simply input your grow room measurements to gain your square footage , then input the square footage in the bottom section and select whether you want 30w per square foot or 35w per square foot and the calculator will give you the total watts needed to light your space.  

Below the calculator are a list of our lighting systems and the spaces they will cover. 


Calculator placeholder

 Ok, so now we have our square foot space and required wattage,  as an example we will go with 16 square feet and 480w when calculated at 30w per square foot.

Below you will find a list of lights by coverage and wattage. The ideal light in this scenario would be the ISH530 suited for a 1.2mx1.2m (16square foot) 

Which Range ?

Ok so we what lights cover what spaces and at which wattages,  next we look at which range is suited to your requirements.  

The Pro Range is one of most popular options and it's where it all started, the boards used on these lights are the ISH288 powered by Samsung lm301h , the latest gen chipset from Samsung, these lights will improve every aspect of your grow and give you the best GPW ratio for your money.

The type R Range is similar to the pro range in the fact that they both use the Samsung lm301h chipset, but in addition to this we have added deep red 660nm and far red 730nm to the boards, the benefit of this is a fast flowering time, and increased plant metabolism via the emerson effect. The boards used in this range are the ISH272R they have 256 Samsung lm301h LED's and 16 Samsung lh351h red LED's. 

The R Strip Range is similar to the type R range in that they use the same chipsets, however with these systems you get a complete coverage from corner to corner if used in the specified space. The most efficient way of growing around. 

So with that all in mind you should be able to choose the perfect light for your set up. 


For full cycle and flowering


2 ft x 2 ft (60cm x 60cm) Space

ISH150 V2  outputs 120w of light

2.5 ft x 2.5 ft (75cm x 75cm) Space

ISH 3R outputs 180w of light

2ft x 4ft (60cm x 120cm) Space

ISH265 V2 outputs 240w of light

ISH240-outputs 260w of light

ISH 4R XL outputs 260w of light

3 ft x 3 ft (90cm x 90cm) space 

ISH265 V2 outputs 240w of light

ISH 4R outputs 240w of light

1m x 1m space 

ISH480 outputs 390w of light

4 ft x 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m) space 

ISH530 outputs 480w of light

ISH600H outputs 528w of light