ISH530 Eclipse - Horticultural Lighting System - Powered by Samsung LED

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  • Ultra Efficient Lighting System 
  • Improved Photon Production 
  • Increased Output
  • Increased Penetration 
  • 2308 Samsung LM301H
  • 50,000 hours min life span
  • Optional upgrade to wither UVA or Flower initiator 


The all new ISH530 Eclipse is our most efficient light yet.  The ISH265 Eclipse utilises our latest ISH576R LED boards giving you an unrivaled amount of light and photon production.  Each board has 576 LM301H samsung LED giving you a total of 2304 across the whole light. That is 1284 LM301H more than the ISH530 v2. This leads to higher efficiency, higher photon production and a longer lasting product.  The Eclipse is here. 



  • Fully assembled plug and grow light 
  • Samsung LED 2304  X LM301H / 64 X LH351H
  • Meanwell Driver
  • 3m Power cable
  • 2.9 umols/J
  • 50,000 hours min life span 
  • Manufactured In the United Kingdom
  • CE , ROHS


700mm x 600mm x 40mm

Full Cycle / Flowering 4ft x 4ft or (5ft x 5ft max)

Lamp Efficacy
2.9 umols/J

PPFD total - 80329 Umol/M2 S
PPFD Avg - 803 Umol/M2 S

803 x 1.44 / 480w = 2.40 ppfd per watt

Power Consumption
510w Draw
530w Draw with UVA

Operating Temperature 
Rear of Heatsink 45c full power

Driver 35c-40c