Introducing the all new slim line ISH530 V2 lite

We are excited to bring to you our new slim line (lite) version of our most popular unit, the ISH530. The all new ISH530 v2 lite has been re engineered to bring you a light which is even more affordable while still giving you the same power as the original unit. 

Here we will explain the differences between the ISH530 v2 and the new lite counter part. 

Size and Heatsink difference's

The original ISH530 measures in at a whopping 700mm L x 600mm W x 50mm H, the main part of the light, the heatsink is black anodized.  We have slimmed down the heatsink on the new ISH530 lite to measure 700mm L x 460mm W x 50mm H and finished with a silver anodizing. This has helped us to reduce the size and cost of the heatsink, you do get a little less coverage but not enough to notice any real difference in a 4x4.

LED Drivers

One of the main difference's to the original unit is the driver type, on the original ISH530 we use the Meanwell HLG 480h C2100B, these are 7 year warranty backed, sealed water proof drivers, with the 530 lite you get 2 x XLG 240 M A drivers powered together. Each driver powers 2 boards. The XLG drivers come with a 5 year warranty rather than 7 years. 


Dimming differs slightly on each unit, the ISh530 V2 is controlled via an external dimmer fixed to the rear of the fixture. This is fully dimmable. #
The ISH530 lite does not have an external dimmer, it is dimmable via the inbuilt potentiometers on the drivers, each driver will dim 2 boards. Unlike some other brands you can access the dimmers pots from the front panel of the fixture so dimming is possible without having to remove the driver from the fixture. 

Further information including par maps will be published on the product listing page over the coming days 

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