Invisible Sun LED introduces the  "R Strip"
Invisible Sun LED are proud to introduce our horticultural "R Strips" 
Powered by the latest offering from Samsung, the brand new LM301H white light chip set with supplemental reds in the form of Samsung's LH351H deep red and far red. 
No need to buy additional supplemental lighting anymore. With a ratio of 2 to 1 deep red / far red you can now utilise the Emerson effect within a full cycle set up. 


108 LM301H Whites

4 LH351H Deep Red

2 LH351H Far Red 



  • Powered by Samsung LM301H /LH351H

  • 28.5v

  • Max Current 2100mA

  • 300v rated wago connectors

  • M3 mounting hole

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • CE Marked

Each strip is rated at 59.85w on its max current of 2100mA 

59.85w @ 2100mA

49.87w @ 1750mA

39.90w @ 1400mA

29.92w @ 1050mA 

19.95w @ 700mA

For further information or to purchase please clcik here


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