Orders, stock and shipping  Back to normal

Firstly thanks to all of our customers for the patience given to us while we reshuffled our location. 

We are pleased to announce we are now taking new orders. Stock is replenished and our back log is cleared.  

New orders currently have a lead time of 5 working days. This enables us to build, test and prep your fixtures for shipping. 

Due to a supply issue on Dimmers our team of engineers have worked tirelessly to create a replacement dimmer which will include the same features (dimming and daisy chaining with rj14 ports). The dimmer will be compatible with both the master controller and previous daisy chain dimmers for seamless connection. 

New purchases will have a choice of either a standard dimmer with no daisy chaining option or the daisy chain option, you only need the daisy chaining if you are utilising the invisible sun master controller. 

Stock availability 

We have a few changes to go through. 

The ISH265 has been redesigned for the final time. We have updated our pcb after nearly 5 years of the same standardized style, the ISH265 v3 will now be 1 long pcb rather than 2 smaller ones, still spec'd exactly the same so you can still rely on it being identical to the v3, it just looks a lil different.  All new orders for ISH265 v3 will receive this new styled unit. This is the same for the ISH265 Eclipse, which has under gone a similar make over but with an added twist. Expect the new eclipse to be updated within the next week. 

F bars are in stock, however they are still extremely popular, which can lead to longer lead times. if you are after the f bars its always worth calling to find out the schedule. 

The ISH530 is awaiting a heatsink redesign to meet the new board design, these will be released next month and we look forward to showing off their new look for the V3 and Eclipse.  In the meantime you may notice that we have limited numbers of the ISH530 Eclipse Evo in the current design, with only 20 units left. 

The ISH100 and ISH150 have been removed from the site, we are currently looking at how we can overhaul and improve these fixtures, until these decisions have been made the lights will be unavailable, we are sorry for any inconvenience. 


For further info on any of our products feel free to give us a call , drop us an email or message on the live chat.