Spring is upon us and seeds will be popped.

Spring is here, seeds will be popped of all different varieties all around the world, one thing the whole world has in common is the need to nurture your seedlings until the weather outside is warm enough to subject them too the elements.  To do this a lot of growers start their seeds under indoor lighting in propagaters. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start seedlings under LED lights:


Step 1: Choose the right LED lights

When selecting LED lights for your seedlings, look for ones with a spectrum that includes blue and red wavelengths. These are the wavelengths that plants use most for photosynthesis and growth. You'll also want to look for lights with a high PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) value, which measures the amount of light that plants can use. We recommend using our dedicated seed and clone bars 

Invisible Sun LED Clone & Rooting Bars

Step 2: Set up your LED lights

Hang your LED seedling lights above your seedlings, making sure they're at the right distance. You want the lights to be close enough to provide sufficient light but not so close that they burn your seedlings. Most LED lights come with recommendations for the appropriate distance.

Step 3: Choose the right containers

Choose containers that are appropriate for the size of your seedlings. You can use anything from plastic cups to seedling trays or propagaters. Just make sure they have drainage holes so that excess water can drain out.

Step 4: Choose the right soil

Choose a high-quality soil that is specifically designed for seed starting. This type of soil will provide your seedlings with the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Step 5: Plant your seeds

Fill your containers with soil and plant your seeds according to the instructions on the seed packet. Make sure to label each container so you know what you're growing.

Step 6: Water your seedlings

Water your seedlings regularly, making sure not to overwater or underwater them. You want the soil to be moist but not soaking wet.

Step 7: Adjust the lights as needed

As your seedlings grow, you may need to adjust the height of your LED lights to ensure they're getting enough light. You may also need to adjust the length of time you leave the lights on each day.

Starting seedlings under LED lights is a great way to save energy and provide your seedlings with the right amount and spectrum of light they need to grow strong and healthy. Just make sure to choose the right lights, containers, soil, and water your seedlings regularly.