Supplement your garden with invisible Sun

Our range of supplements is growing at a rapid pace, just like the plants under them 😁

Now with UVA, Far Red, Royal Blue and Deep Red. Not to mention the new ISH B 60 & R 60


UVA - A mix of 385,395 & 405nm to promote root production and nutrient uptake. With an additional benefit of increased pest control.

FAR RED - initiate sleep in your plants to get your dark cycle off to a flying start each night. Give yourself an added 2.5 hours of growth per 12 hour dark cycle.

ROYAL BLUE - Reduce stretch, create a bushier plant profile and increase branching. Adding Royal Blue 450nm improves has amazing benefits.

DEEP RED - Add weight, increase flow size and improve your flowering cycle. Added Red 660nm has huge benefits. At only 8.9w per unit they are perfect for side lighting and under canopy lighting.


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