The E Line is here

We are excited to introduce our newest range of lights the "E Line"

The new E Line range is a excellent way of entering into the world of LED without breaking the bank. Manufactured in the United Kingdom the E Line is a range of high end LED fixtures at a more affordable cost. Get that same fantastic invisible Sun build quality and output our customers require for a considerably lower price.

Powered by the less famous SAMSUNG LM281B+ & SAMSUNG LH351H V3 660nm reds the new E Line fixtures offer outputs from 2.3 - 2.6 umol/J

  • ISH150 E Line 2.3 umol/J - £159.95
  • ISH265 E Line 2.5 umol/J - £259.95
  • ISH530 E Line 2.6 umol/J - £499.95

All 3 fixtures are Dimmable, feature daisy chain options and are compatible with the Invisible Sun Smart Controller for extra value. 

All fixtures are manufactured in the UK to the following standards