F Bar Pro - Horticultural lighting system Powered by Samsung LED


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The F Bar pro is the new entry level 240w full spectrum IP65 LED grow light designed specifically for flowering plants. 

Powered by the horticultural lighting giant Samsung, the F Bar pro features 600 full spectrum diffused white light LED with 120 Deep Red 660nm LED

The F Bar pro comprises of 3500k white LED and 660nm boost, this gives an overall spectrum colour of just over 3000k 

The F BAR Pro will produce impressive results. Expect yields upwards of 1-2 grams per watt. The light is the equivalent to 400w of HID lighting.



  • Powered by Samsung 
  • Full Spectrum Diffused White Light for Improved Penetration 
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Conformal coating
  • IP65 waterproof 
  • Controller Compatible 
  • UK Manufactured 
  • CE - ROHS - UKCA



1100mm x 250mm x 45mm ( 110cm x 25cm x 4.5cm )


1 fixture covers 8 square feet (2ft X 4ft)

2 fixtures cover 16 square feet (4ft X 4ft) 

3 fixtures cover 25 square feet (5ft X 5ft)


1 fixture - 648 umol/s @240w

2 fixtures - 1296 umol/s @480w

3 fixtures - 1946 umol/s @720w 


Fixture efficiency

2.7 umol/J

Power Consumption

0w - 240w +/- 5%


Operating Temperature 

Rear of Heatsink 20c-35c

Driver 35c-40c. 

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