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The Invisible Sun Smart Controller with Bluetooth,  gives you the ability to control your lighting via a centralized digital touchscreen display. Giving you key features to enhance your grow room flexibility and in depth tuning. 

Sunrise and sunset timing options are easily programmable along with an option to set the overall time of each sunrise or and sunset. 

Temperature and humidity options give the ability to dim your light should temperature or humidity levels increase or decrease more than desired , giving complete control to environmental fluctuations. 

Each controller has 2 groups which can be controlled independently. Giving you huge scope for up to 100 lights. 

Controllable via Bluetooth to your phone or device or via the touch screen directly on the controller you can get real time control at your fingertips at any time.


  • 2 control groups for multiple light and rooms
  • Sun rise / sun set dimming
  • Temperature and humidity sensors for reactive environmental lighting
  • Touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Simple menu and navigation
  • Works directly with daisy chain dimmers Connect all of your invisible Sun lights



The Master Controller is compatible with any invisible Sun Light with daisy chain dimmer. 

Lights with older dimmer/ potentiometers can also be updated to run with a controller. A dimmer upgrade to the daisy chain dimmer will enable use of the controller. 

If your lights have the older A variety driver then they are not compatible with your current driver. Upgrading your driver and dimmer will give you the option to add a controller. 

Contact us directly by email or phone if you have any questions. 

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