Here is a closer look at our LED boards and the spectrums they emit.

Over the years we have designed a number of different spectrums for some very specific reasons. From the Type R for triggering the Emerson Effect to the type BR for encouraging more side branching and less stretch, each spectrum we make will trigger very specific desirable traits.

Full Spectrum White Light

Full spectrum diffused white light is the back bone of a modern and high end LED lighting system, the spectrum provides everything a plant needs for its full growth cycle. 99% of the light produced from a fixture will very likely be white light with just a small amount being weighted Reds or Blues. 

Below is spectral analysis of full spectrum white light from the LM301H 

Full spectrum white light from Samsung LM301H


Full Spectrum White Light with Deep Red 660nm

Adding Deep Red 660nm improves efficiency of your lighting spectrum while also adding spectrum weight and intensity to a proportion of the spectrum can boost a plants response and increase yields. This combination of whites and deep reds can lead to some of the higher efficiency rated fixtures on the market and gives excellent results for light intense crops. 

Below is an example of White light mixed with 660nm, spectrum is built using LM301H and LH351H 660nm

Full spectrum with 660nm SAMSUNG LM301H & LH351H