Invisible Sun LED have teamed up with both PAYPAL and Kandoo to help our customers find a finance solution. Invisible Sun LED do not act as a lender, all finance arrangements are made directly with PAYPAL through paypal credit or through Kandoo an independent broker. 


PAYPAL credit is available automatically at check out if you are accepted by paypal through their scoring system. 0% apr on purchases over £99 for 4 months. For further information on paypal credit and to see their terms and conditions click here PAYPAL credit


Kandoo is an independent broker, they will find a solution for you by searching for the best rates and option available via a number of lenders. The agreement is arranged with Kandoo and Invisible Sun LED is not involved in this process typical APR of 6.6%-10% on order over £500. Interest rates may vary depending on credit history and scoring. to apply go to the Kandoo application




Disclaimer: Invisible Sun LED UK Limited are not a lender and have no input nor involvement  into the application process of either paypal credit or Kandoo. Using either service does not affect your consumer rights with Invisible Sun LED in anyway. We advise you to take any applications for credit seriously and not to take on any credit which is beyond your means and income. Both options of credit are only available to customers in the UNITED KINGDOM.