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The new Aqua Sun range of LED fixtures has arrived with a fanfare. We are proud to introduce our range of aqua scaping and tropical fish led fixtures. 

The new AS 110, 180 & 240 fixtures are here to brighten up your beloved aquariums. 

Fully controlled spectrum including Red , Blue and white. Set your own combination and timings for complete control. 

Extendable mounting solution to fit various tank sizes. 

The AS 110 is suitable for a 35cm - 50cm tank 


Package includes:

  • Full spectrum LED
  • 24 pcs 2835 LED & 12 pcs 5050 LED
  • 50,000h lifespan 
  • Controllable spectrum and timer 
  • Red, blue and full spectrum white
  • Extendable mounting solution
  • High efficiency LED
  • Power draw 11w 
  • IP44

Size: 285mm L X 100mm W X 50mm D 

Suitable for a 35cm - 50cm tank 

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