F Bar evo and SL80 2 pack Bundle - Powered by Samsung LED


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The Ultimate 2ft X 4ft set up. 

Create the perfect set up for your 2ft X 4ft space by combining the amazing F Bar with our new SL80 Side lighting system

Combing side light or inter canopy lighting with you main overhead fixture will help you

  • Increase light penetration into the lower canopy
  • Increase your lower flowering sites and density
  • Increase overall yield and quality of lower bud sites

Bundle includes 

  • 1 x Invisible Sun F Bar V3 evo - 240w led grow light 
  • 1 x SL80 Side lighting 2 pack
  • Choice of 3 spectrum types on SL80 


Bundle comes with 3 year warranty on F Bar and 1 year warranty on side lighting.


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