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The Life time protection package gives extra protection on your investment by giving unlimited cover for incidents and situations not covered by the standard 3 warranty for faults. 

Get protection from 

  • Accidents
  • Impact Damages
  • Water Damage

Benefit from 

  • 5 Years extended cover
  • Optional yearly fixture service
  • Free collection & delivery on returns
  • No Component or replacement parts cost for damages

3 year warranties only cover component or product failures and faults, not damages caused by external factors, by purchasing the life time protection you can protect yourself from any scenario which leads to the fixture not working through out the 5 year life span of the fixture. 

Cover available on a single fixture or multiple fixtures

Get protected on a single fixture for £15 per year or £25 per year to protect up to 2 fixtures, £40 a year to protect up to 4 fixtures and just £80 a year to protect up to 10 fixtures. 



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