Don't be fooled by cheap imitations

Don't be fooled by cheaper alternatives.

It has come to our attention that there are a number of LED fixtures being sold on the UK market which no longer use SAMSUNG LM301H or LM301B despite making those claims initially.

Due to the current supply issues on the LM301H / B and with lead times currently over 16 weeks to manufacture,  these companies have turned to cheaper and non branded white light chipsets as a way of continuing supply to unsuspecting customers. 

This will lead to an instant loss of efficiency from claimed numbers, lesser par readings, incorrect spectrum to advertised and very likely a loss of spectrum over a shorter period of time along with reduced life span. 

How to spot the BS ??

There are a number of ways to determine the truth and cut through the BS

Firstly check the company website and specs of the lights to confirm any information listed online.
Does the listing say SAMSUNG LED? did it previously say SAMSUNG LED and no longer does for the same lighting fixture? This is happening on a large scale. 

We then advise you speak to the company and ask them for the part number they use on their products, confirm bin and cri rating.

Also confirm who the company purchase their LED supply off, is it SAMSUNG or an official agent?  or is it via the manufacture that manufactures the fixtures that the company are reselling?  

If they are not forthcoming with this information or tell you it varies depending on what's available on the supply line its a MASSIVE RED FLAG

If the company are working directly with SAMSUNG or an official agent this information will be freely available. 

Be suspicious of anyone who claims white light LED /SMD , this is a way of hiding the brand of LED they are actually using. If the company is not listing the LED brand ask them why not ?

Be wary of any product from a company that makes their lighting fixtures in the far east, (over 90% of the companies in the UK market do)  they do not have control over their own LED supply if it is in the hands of a 3rd party on another continent.  You will find companies trading which can no longer access SAMSUNG LM301H or SAMSUNG LM301B yet have not updated their product specifications. 

Ask the seller if the light is made in china, listen out for key words like assembled or designed in the UK. This is again another MASSIVE RED FLAG, if it were manufactured here they will tell you without hesitation or word play. 

Here at Invisible Sun LED we have a long standing relationship with SAMSUNG Europe and their official agent EBV,  we Guarantee that every LED we supply comes direct from SAMSUNG Europe. All of our fixtures currently use the LM301H cri 80 SM bin.

We order our LED's in advance by the millions and have a delivery schedule of SAMSUNG LM031H and LM301H EVO LED over the next 2 years. This enables us to 

  • Provide the exact same LED on every light
  • Guarantee top bin and excellent quality every time 
  • Never need to switch to lesser LED to complete orders
  • Ability to upgrade to newest Samsung technology quicker than any other company 
  • Manufacture products at will due to extensive LED supply

For further information on our products or the LED technology we use please either contact us on or call us on 0151 647 3002