Introducing the very latest SAMSUNG  LED Technology - LM301H EVO & LH351H V3

After a long anticipated wait we are proud to announce that the  very latest and most efficient LED technology from Samsung the LM301H Evo will be available through Invisible Sun LED from September.  With huge gains in efficiency and the introduction of a short wavelength of 435nm the future for indoor horticulture just got one hell of a lot brighter. 


An evolution in LED design and efficiency. 

LM301H Evo - full white 435nm


Higher Efficiency


highest ppe


Additionally we bring to you the SAMSUNG LH351H V3 660nm Deep Red, improving efficiency by 10% over the previous v2 model, the V3 gives us everything we need to accompany the LM301H for unrivalled efficiency

lm301h evo with 660nm v3 lh351h 


The LM301H Evo will be available through Invisible Sun LED from September. All of our current products will be available with this new chipset.  Newer Evo boards will be compatible with most older system drivers so will seamlessly swap out for older lm561c, lm301b/ or m301h boards. 

LM301H Evo and v3 LH351H will be available on the following lights and boards. 

  • ISH100 E
  • ISH150 V2 & Eclipse
  • ISH265 V2 & Eclipse
  • ISH320 E
  • ISH530 V2 & Eclipse
  • ISH F Bar 
  • ISH X Bar
  • ISH650 F


  • ISH R strip & B strip
  • ISH150R pcb
  • ISH272R pcb
  • ISH576 pcb
  • ISH240 F pcb
  • ISH960 X pcb
  • ISHDP8 (v3 deep red)


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All data and images supplied by Samsung Europe & EVB.