It's here, the X BAR has landed

We are extremely proud to officially release the most efficient light on the market.

The X BAR is the ultimate Horticultural Lighting System in the world with industry leading efficiency and output. 

Designed to be the most efficient system on the market, the X BAR is powered by the very highest  bin Samsung LM301H and  LH351H Deep Red giving unrivalled efficiency levels.

  • Ultra Efficient 2.83 PPFD/W 
  • 3.1 umol/J
  • More photons than any other light on the market
  • Powered by Samsung LM301H ran at only 0.12w per LED for ultra efficiency
  • The most thermal efficient light on the market, designed for longevity
  • Water resistant  IP65
  • Longer Lasting with up to 10 Years life span 
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • CE - UKCA
  • ROHS
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom 


X bar spectrum image.


x bar par map and efficiency details


Hanging height

12 -18 inches 240w system

18 - 24 inches 480w system

24 - 30 inches 720w system 


Board level efficacy 

3.1 umols/J

Lamp Efficacy

2.9 umols/J

PPFD Total @ 12 inches - 47263 Umol/M2 S

PPFD Avg @ 12 inches - 945.26 Umol/M2 S


945.26 x 0.72 / 240w = 2.83 ppfd per watt


For further information on the brand new X BAR take a look at the fixture test results on our knowledge hub..