Introducing the Supplement R - ISH-DFR

A brand new offering from Invisible Sun LED. The ISHDFR or "Supplement R" is a dual channel supplement strip incorporating both deep red at 660nm and far red at 730nm. Each channel is independently controllable via PWM potentiometers. This gives you the ability to create the perfect balance of deep and far red at any given time of the grow cycle, use this to induce the Emerson effect and speed up plant metabolism and flowering times. Additionally you can use the far red in this strip as a flowering initiator, simply dim the deep red at lights out and run just the far red for the first 15 mins of darkness. 

  •  Deep and Far Red powered by Samsung LH351H
  •  Dual channel dimming for fine tuning your spectrum
  •  Harness both the Emerson effect and flowering initiation
  •  24v power supply 
  •  No wiring or assembly required 
  •  Optional control unit 
  •  Manufactured in the United Kingdom 
  •  2 Year Warranty
  •  CE

The supplement R will be on sale by the end of January and will be accompanied with optional 24v power supply, heatsink and Control Module to fine tune your spectrum. 

For further information on the ISH DFR please contact us on


Invisible Sun LED Supplement R

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