Spectrum comparison - ISH150 PRO vs ISH150 TYPE R

We get asked a lot about the differences of the Pro kits and the Type R kits, obviously the most standout difference is the inclusion of the reds both deep and far red on the Type R variant. But how does this effect the output of the light and spectrum and what do these differences mean on a practical level? 

Well hopefully we can answer some of these questions here and give you further insight into the differences between the ISH150 PRO and Type R variants. 

The ISH150 PRO consists of 288 x Samsung lm301h cri80 3500k leds _ 48v board 

The ISH150 TYPE R consists of 256 x Samsung lm301h cri80 3500k / 8 x Samsung lh351h deep red 660nm and 8 x Samsung lh351h far red 730nm - 56v board 

Watch the videos below to get an understanding of the spectrum test for both the ISH150 PRO & TYPE R while also getting a direct comparison between the two. 




As you can see by the results the type R range has additional peaks at 660nm and 730nm while also having a higher overall ppfd value. 

Benefits of using the Type R over the Pro range would be the triggering of an increased metabolism, this can show itself in additional stretch, faster flowering cycle/early harvest and a bigger swell in the final weeks. 

Advantages of the Pro range include less stretch for confined spaces, tighter internodes, density and efficiency. 


For further spectrum tests follow our youtube channel  


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