Let's Customise February


It's a strange one is February. Maybe your wallet is still feeling punch drunk after a Christmas beating. It could be that your love interest is expecting a lavish Valentines day you can't afford. There is always pressure on money and here at Invisible Sun we appreciate that it must be spent in order of priority. 


Knowing that having an optimised grow space is always near the top of the priority list, we have decided to help you customise February. Invisible Sun Custom Rigs are used by some of our most savvy customers and for good reason. These custom rigs offer a superb blend of power, coverage and efficiency. Mounted on our custom "S Frames" these panels offer amazing performance. Powered by Samsung's next gen LM301H chipset, you can be sure you have the best available  colour spectrum on the market. Requiring no heat sink whilst packing serious firepower, these rigs can be hung closer to the canopy giving improved penetration. Ideal for those who demand the perfect blend of power, performance and efficiency or those who simply love to love to low ride.


To let you customise February, you have the option of either a discount of up to 10% or free assembly of your chosen custom unit. 

Pick your rig and your discount to put the workshop in motion. We would love to  make your horticultural dreams come true : )

Custom units included in this offer



ISH240 S


ISH240 L 


Take a look at our custom range here

If you have any further enquiries drop us a mail at enquiry@invisiblesunled.co.uk


If the discount is chosen the lights will be delivered non assembled, this requires a degree of knowledge to set up, however basic wiring guides are available on request.  You will need a basic understanding of wiring to complete these lights.