Mid month update

Welcome to another monthly update. 

We wanted to give you all a little bit of an idea on stock and general bits to without further ado


We are currently out of stock of the double and triple heatsinks. This means we have no stock of the ISH265, ISH265 XL or ISH360. Heatsink extrusions for these will arrive during march. That being said we are releasing a new version of our ISH265 which will be available from the end of next week. Based upon the same design as the ISH530 we have a plug n play offering for the ISH265, both pro and type R options.  Fully assembled and ready to hang. 

ISH120 boards are basically our of stock, we have a handful left and are debating on continuing these boards, with the popularity and extra output of the ISH50 pcb it seems the 150 pcb has finally pushed aside its smaller counter part.  Please get in touch with your opinion if you want us to keep the ISH120 boards. enquiry@invisiblesunled.co.uk

Do however look out for our new ISH150 FS, this new addition includes, Samsung LM301H along with Samsung LH351H 450nm, 660nm(v2) and 730nm. A very exciting little board which will be available In March. 

R Strips will also be back in stock in March, along with the full R strip range of lights being restocked. 

ISH DFR (supplementR)
This is on its way , yes we have been teasing it for a while but we have a few additional surprises that we are extremely excited about.  We don't want to spoil the reveal but rest assured we will keep you all up to date. 


And last but by no means least Samsung's Brand new LM301H-ONE, the very latest chip set , V4 testers are now in. We will get some Spectrum tests done and uploaded for you all to check out soon but expect to see some boards over the next month.


Exciting times im sure you will all agree, thanks for stopping by 

Invisible Sun LED