The New updated custom range, explaining the ISH300-S and L

Out with the old and in with the new

Invisible Sun LED have been manufacturing a range of boards since 2017, 2 of our most popular options are the ISH120 pcb and ISH150 pcb.  These 2 boards have been a integral part of our offerings for along time now and both contribute to making our custom rigs.  From this point on however the ISH120 pcb will be discontinued in favour of the more powerful ISH150 pcb. It's a sad time when we discontinue a product range , almost the end of an era. But do not despair, the product will still be supported in full so any users of the ISH120s will still be able to get replacements or warranty claims. 

How does this affect the custom range ??

The ISH240-L and 240-S will now be superseded into the ISH300-S and ISH300-L 
These new variations will be extremely similar in looks but will produce 20% more light and output across the lighting systems compared to the previous 240-L and 240-S. The driver supplied is also upgraded to the workhorse HLG 240H C2100B with an external dimmer box installed and mounted to the lighting system for complete control. 

So what's new ?

Well a very exciting development indeed. The ISH136 pcb with intergrated LH351H Royal Blue, Deep Red and Far Red will be dropping towards the end of march. This PCB will be yet again the same format as the popular ISH120 and ISH150 pcb making it simple to integrate into existing set ups. 


So that wraps up the custom light range changes, keep a look out for the new boards next month and if you need any further info please get in touch