Seedlings, Clones and Veg.......

welcome to another update, today we will be looking at seedling, clone and veg lighting. 

All of the Invisible Sun LED boards use Samsung full spectrum white light LEDs. We prodiminately utilise the 3500k option on our boards. An excellent full spectrum which covers most if not all of your basic needs for start to finish growing, and that includes all of the above, Seedlings, clones and veg cycles. 

So what does this mean? essentially you can do all of the above including flowering with Invisible Sun lights, you just need to either dim or distance your light accordingly. 

We get asked a lot about specific veg lights so below is a quick break down of what reccomend to suit certain spaces for seedlings, clones and early vegging.  

ISH75 V - Perfect for seedlings, cuttings, rooting, vegging in a 2ft x 2ft and can even flower a single plant well.  Can be used in low spaces.  Suggested to dim to 15-20w for rooting clones. 

ISH150 V - Again perfect for seedlings cuttings rooting and vegging in a 2ft x 4ft space.  When used for flowering it will cover a 2ft x 2ft space. 

ISH300-S / L - These lights are more intense and require dimming, distancing or both for seedlings and cuttings. For veg purposes they will cover 4ft x 4ft each. 


We must stress though all of our lights will veg and flower extremely well. If you are using Type R lights or r strips you'll be vegging well too and again can be used for other purposes too if dimmed or distanced enough.  But when it comes to specific dedicated seedlings, clone an early veg lights, the options listed above will work the best.