Stock update 24/02/20

Much needed stock update 

Ok so we are pretty much out of stock of all Pro and type R options, apart from the ISH530, this is due to us waiting on heatsinks from china for the diy range. The corona virus has struck and all we can do is wait.  We have been informed mid march.  Additionally we were supplied with the new uk manufactured heatsinks for the ISH265 V2 and as nothing ever runs smoothly in times of need these have been returned to the manufacturer due to a fault, we expect them back ready for purpose  around the 1st/2nd march.  

R strips and the R strip range will be with us around the first week of March. Along with our new ISH136R

Apart from that we are in full stock of the following units. 


ISH75 v 

ISH150 v

ISH300 S and L 



ISH530 Pro

ISH530 Type R 


If you need to know anything else please feel free to email us on