Invisible sun R Strip retro fit kit.

The Invisible Sun R Strip retro fit kit is a simple way to add an R Strip to either the ISH240H, ISH320 OR ISH480 DIY kits.          

In addition they can also be hung individually via a hanging kit or as side lighting.

By adding an R strip to your DIY rig you achieve a number of benefits. 

  • Additional 50w of light
  • Added deep red and far red spectrum
  • Emerson Effect
  • Increased photosynthesis 
  • Latest Samsung LED technology 


Full Spectrum Growing

As you can see in the above image, the R Strip has a full spectrum including the required peaks at 660nm and 730nm to trigger the Emerson effect. 


The Emerson Effect 

The combination of deep and far reds will enhance your grow with the Emerson effect . When plants are exposed to both 660nm deep red and above 680nm far red, the rate of photosynthesis is increased above the sum of the red light and far red light photosynthesis rates when used on their own. This gives our R Strip a distinct advantage over other board manufactures and their offerings of just deep red. 



R Strip kit includes

  • 1 x R Strip powered by Samsung LM301H LH351H
  • 1 x Retro fit Heatsink with fixtures and fittings 
  •  Meanwell LPC 60 1400 driver
  •  4 Wagos
  •  Wiring and power cable 
  •  Cables ties 
  •  CE
  •  Manufactured in the UK 



1 x R Strip will give enough deep and far red to trigger the Emerson effect in a space of up to 3ft x 3ft. 


Invisible Sun LED products are manufactured to the following international standards 





Invisible Sun branded products come with a 2 year guarantee and 3 year warranty on our boards.  The LED's have a life span of 50000+ hours. This gives you piece of mind that you wont have to spend on any on going costs like bulb replacement for up to and past 5 years. 


Disclaimer : Invisible Sun LED UK limited produce lighting products for the horticultural industry, these are intended for the commercial horticultural industry and home hobby horticulturalists,  we are not responsible for our customers use of the lights once purchased.

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