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Invisible Sun R type ISH272R with deep and far red

After much anticipation Invisible Sun LED's ISH272R pcb is now on sale. 

Powered by Samsung LM301H Cri 90 and Samsung LH351H.

The ISH272R blends both full spectrum whites with deep and far reds. This 50/50 combination of deep and far reds will enhance your grow with the Emerson effect . When plants are exposed to both 660nm deep red and above 680nm far red, the rate of photosynthesis is increased above the sum of the red light and far red light photosynthesis rates when used on their own. This gives our ISH272R a distinct advantage over other quantum board manufactures and their offerings of just deep red. 
The 272R is now available as individual PCB's here or as an option on all of our kits here


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