June 20 Monthly update

Hey everyone and thanks for dropping by. 

A quick update to keep you all a breast of everything that's been going on. 

Firstly an announcement regarding the DIY Range, as most of you will know we started out almost 3 years ago as a manufacturer of LED boards and because of this we sold DIY lighting kits which were made up of our boards, a heatsink, driver and various pieces to connect up a light, this system has played a very large part of our business over the last few years and we are very proud of our achievements in this market. We would like to thank everyone who put faith in us and our products during this time.  That being said Invisible Sun LED will no longer be selling our DIY range, this includes the ISH150, 265, 265 xl and 360 DIY lighting kits. We our now focusing solely on our Plug and Play range for these lighting systems. we understand this is not ideal for some customers as they like to build their own lights, we must stress though all of the components will still be available through our store so you can still opt to purchase all the pieces needed to build your own light, including boards, heatsinks, drivers and all the accessories needed. Its an end of an era for us in some ways but also an exciting time as move forward and concentrate on offering excellent lighting systems and excellent prices without the need to assemble a thing. The King is dead Long live the King, Long live Plug and Play.

So on that note a quick update on stock. We have a handful of 265 XL left and then they are gone,  be quick if they are for you they wont be back. 

Everything else including all the plug and play range, R strip range and custom range are in stock except for the ISH480 and ISH600 we can accommodate you but these are collection only for time being and assembly is an additional charge.

Regarding the Plug and Play range, we now have the ISH100BR, ISH150 V2 , ISH265 V2 and ISH530 V2 coming soo to complete the offering is the ISH360 V2, this will be available within a month. 

Competitions are still running strong the LED grow off over at www.growroom420.com is still open for entries and there are £1000 worth of vouchers up for grabs.  Get involved and win some shit :P


Well that's it for now, just like to say thanks again for all of you who have supported us and been patient with us during lockdown. 

Much love and respect to you all.

Invisible Sun Team