Plug and Grow with Invisible Sun LED

Today marks the release of our new ISH100 BR, this latest offering is the final piece of the puzzle and the last of our 4 lights which make up our Invisible Sun Plug and Play Range.

Most of you will know we started off selling DIY lighting kits and components and still do, however as we continue to grow (no pun) we have improved our offerings to include those of us who are not comfortable with the aspect of DIY lighting and electrical products. 

The plug and play range is now our most popular group of products and for good reason. With a light for pretty much every space from micro grows to commercial scale we have got you covered with our full range. 


  • ISH100 V2 BR - Draws 90w includes 450nm, 660nm and 730nm
  • ISH150 V2 - Draws 135w options inc. Pro, Type R and Type BR 
  • ISH265 V2 - Draws 270w options inc. Pro, Type R and Type BR 
  • ISH530 v2 - Draws 530w options inc. Pro, Type R and Type BR