Monthly update

Big hello to you all, 

Time for a new update on all things invisible sun, in this update we will go over shipping times, stock, new products and even mention the dreaded Covid 19. 

Ok so first up is shipping, we are still running at low capacity with regards to staff, with only one staff member in the office each day handling the shipping. This of course has had a knock on effect with timescales, currently we expect orders to be shipped within 7 days of purchase. We understand this isn't ideal but this will get quicker as we catch up and things return to normal. 

Stock. So yes stock is bountiful, with a full selection of pro, type r and type br lights we have you covered, R strip range is in stock but is selling fast, we have enough R strips left to do about 10 x ISH5R's so if this is a preferred system be quick.  Additionally the Custom range will be back in stock very soon with a cheeky new addition, the ISH150r pcb. More on this below.  

DIY kits are dwindling, once gone they are gone. The extrusions used on the kits were purchased in china and its just not feasible to order the amount we need and wait the times we do for them. We will still sell all the components to do diy lights including our own uk heatsinks which will be available in place of the old extrusions.

 Competitions, there are a number of competitions happening, visit to get involved in the LED grow off or follow us on Instagram to take part in our monthly giveaways for invisible sun users.

New products … Yes new products.  The ISH150 V2 lighting system is the latest option available in our plug and play range, it replaces the older ISH150 DIY.  A fully assembled, finished unit manufactured in full in the United Kingdom. No more diy , no more wiring, no more soldering, Just plug and grow. 


Coming soon we have the ISH100, a smaller plug an play model which incorporates the sought after deep and far reds, the pcb which powers this unit the ISH150r pcb will also be available for purchase separately. Coming soon


Thanks for reading and take care of yourselves. 


Invisible Sun