Monthly update April , stock , new products and old ...

As we move in to April we thought we give you an update on where we are in the current cliamte, stock and new products on the horizon. 


Firstly most of you will know we are never out of stock and if one product is its generally replaced pretty quickly. However in the current climate stock production is now 1 week into a 2 week shut down, more stock will be arriving within 10 days, this will start with our latest Type BR and Type R boards and fixtures, both DIY and Plug and Play options. Pro boards are now out of stock and will be restocked in due course. 

Following on from that around 10 days later we will have re stocked on ISH150 pcb's this will bring the full custom range back into stock along with our ISH75v seedlings / clone light.

R strips wil be winging their way back into the shop very soon along with our brand new ISH150R pcb, our latest offering is a 36v pcb with 150 x LM301H including 9 x Samsung reds, far reds and blues. Its an exciting new product which will be introduced in both our plug and play range and custom range. 

Following on from the success of our plug and play range we will also be introducing the ISH150 V2 and ISH360 V2, these will complete the full offering of our plug and play range 

Due to serious delays from the far east hanging kits and ratchets are not in stock, we have orders in place but as yet no timescales on arrival. Lights will be shipped without hanging kits until further notice. 

So as you can see we anticipate to be fully stocked over the next 2-3 weeks, but we must stress that as always when there is a delay in manufacturing orders build up and this can lead to slower shipping times, we apologise for any delays and inconvenience caused. If you want to guarantee that you get one of the first batch of lights then you can pre order.

Pre orders are accepted on the below units only. 

  • ISH265 Type BR /Type R 
  • ISH530 Type BR /Type R
  • ISH150 Type BR /Type R
  • ISH360 Type BR /Type R 

To pre order contact us on or 0151 647 3002