Stock Update

Here is an update on stock and operations announcement. 

Due to the current situation across the country supply lines have been affected slightly so we regret to inform you there will be no more Type R or Type BR boards for about 14 days.  Please note this may effect some current orders so if you are reading this and have an order from us and haven't spoken to us yet please contact us to discuss this in more detail. 

ISH150 , 265 and 530 Pro in stock but with limited availability 

ISH75v in stock with very limited availability 

ISH3R in stock only 2 units

We will have new Type R and BR boards in 14 days but this time scale may stretch slightly depending on supply line disruption by covid-19. New batch of R strips and R strip range will be restocked a couple of days after the Type R and BR stock arrives. 

New ISH150 pcb's and ISH150R pcb's will be in stock around the 20th April.   


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to any of you and ask you to bare with us during this difficult period. 


Rich and Kev 

Invisible Sun LED