The benefits of Royal Blue 450nm during flowering
450nm is a blue light spectrum that is essential for plant growth during the vegetative stage. However, it also has benefits during the flowering period. Here are some of the benefits:
Promotes growth: 450nm light stimulates plant growth by encouraging the production of chlorophyll, which helps the plant produce energy through photosynthesis.
Increases yield: 450nm light spectrum can increase the number and size of flowers, leading to a higher yield.
Increases resin production: The blue light spectrum can increase resin production in cannabis plants, which can lead to higher potency.
Shortens flowering time: Exposure to 450nm light can shorten the flowering time of cannabis plants, allowing for a quicker turnaround time between harvests.
Overall, the use of 450nm light during the flowering period can lead to healthier and more productive cannabis plants, resulting in higher quality and quantity of buds.