Here at invisible Sun LED we are committed to providing high quality lighting fixtures and 1st class customer service.  We strive to use the very best tech on the market to deliver lighting fixtures which are unrivalled by others, providing more longevity and giving better results time and again. 

This is shown via our commitment to using only the very highest quality components like the new next generation Samsung LM301H Evo & LH351H V3 and the power range from Meanwell. These commitments mean that we can offer industry leading warranty and customer service.

The Evo chipset itself is a ground breaking step in technological advancement which is even nominated for a 2021 Sapphire Award. These advancements in tech do come at a higher cost than previous Samsung LED's, a huge 35% increase in cost from the previous LM301H.

Couple these commitments, rising costs in aluminum, packaging, shipping and fuel we are in an unfortunate position of having to raise some prices slightly.

We hope that our customers old and new will understand these changes so we can continue working with you to supply the very best in LED technology on the market at a fair price. 

Price rises include


  • ISH150 V3 - now £219.95
  • ISH150 Eclipse - now £249.95 
  • ISH265 V3 - now £339.95 
  • ISH265 Eclipse - now £419.95
  • ISH530 V3 - now £679.95
  • ISH530 Eclipse - now £819.95
  • ISH F Bar - now £359.95
  • ISH X Bar - now £549.95
  • ISH100e - now £129.95  

Please contact us anytime via email or telephone if you require any information on the above. 


Thank you and warmest regards.


Invisible Sun LED