There are many nuances to understand in the LED market, non more so than the Horticultural market or (horti market) when looking at the different variations in lights and LED's used on fixtures, it can be a confusing world.

One of the biggest problems consumers face is the difference between generic full spectrum white LED chips which are designed for office lighting or car headlamps and full spectrum white LED chips designed specifically for horticulture and food production. 

When using LEDs designed specifically for horticulture purposes there is a major difference in output, spectrum and Photosynthetic Active Radiation. Additionally the chip design and technology implemented are specifically for horticulture and include an anti sulfurization coating for protection from humid and acidic environments. This is why fixtures using HORTI specific LED's have better numbers and outputs than generic lights using non HORTI LED's.

SAMSUNG are the world leader in FULL SPECTRUM WHITE LIGHT FOR HORTICULUTURAL MARKETS, no other brand comes close to offering a white light HORTI package which competes with the SAMSUNG LM301H

With the advent of the new SAMSUNG LM301H EVO, Samsung have again pushed the envelope to offer a truly magnificent chipset with ground breaking technology. No surprise that the SAMSUNG LM301H EVO has just been nominated as a finalist in the 2021 Sapphire Awards for their achievements with this new LED


There are many fixtures on the LED market which claim to be for horticultural use but only a few which actually use horticultural LED's let alone the best horticultural LED's

Invisible Sun LED only use Samsung LM301H and LM301H Evo in our fixtures, this gives our customers a clear knowledge that when they buy from Invisible Sun LED they're buying the best.