Vegging has never been so easy

Ok so we are in a pretty good mood in the office today, not only have we been enjoying the sun on this glorious day but also the impressive amount of light the 60W Invisible Sun veg light kit produces. 

Our ISH120 panel in 4000k coupled with a Meanwell HLG 60H driver and hanging kit is all you need to veg up to a 3ftx3ft space while pulling just 60w max draw from the wall this light has a really impressive reach and the light intensity is excellent. No heatsink is required as the boards run at just 60w which makes these a truly affordable and efficient light.  If however you need a bit more power in your light you could opt for the ISH120W option, this is a Meanwell 120H driver with 2 ISH120 panels to cover double the area. 

As with all Invisible Sun products we give you a 2 year Guarantee and a 3 year Warranty. 

Get the ISH60W Veg kit here or the ISH120W Veg kit here.

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