Introducing the ISH250W Horticultural lighting kit

We are proud and excited to launch the ISH250W horticultural lighting kit by Invisible Sun Led UK.

The ISH250w Kit is our flagship light, a superior product to both the Fogro and HLG kits. Designed and assembled in the UK, we use our own Invisible Sun ISH288 boards which we have added balancing resistors too, this gives a more even spread of light across the board and will also give the leds a longer lifespan, the ISH250w kit will outperform a 500W HID lighting system in almost everyway yields, quality, spead of growth, plant health, temps, running costs. 

Our Invisible Sun branded products come with a 2 year guarantee, 3 year warranty on the boards and a 7 year warranty on the meanwell driver.  The LED's have a life span of 50000+ hours. This gives you piece of mind that you wont have to spend on any on going costs like bulb replacement for up to and past 5 years. 




Each ISH250w kit will cover up to 9 square feet in flower, this means you will require 1 kit for 3ftx3ft space and 2 kits for a 4x4 space to get optimal coverage.  2 kits are equal to a 1000w single ended Gavita. 

Lamp efficacy with s6 flux bin 2.61 umol/J, 179Lm/w

Board level efficacy with s6 flux 2.72 umol/J

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