No Heatsink Required !!!!!
The Fogro 128 piece board is a 10w-60w , 48v board with a max current of 2.7A, these are a great option for the DIY grower as they do not require a heat sink to operate and can be run in series or parallel
  •  10 - 60W 128 pcs Samsung lm561c 
  • 48v Board
  • Max current 2700mA
  • No heat sink required
  • Lamp Efficacy with S6 Flux Bin 2.59umol/J 172Lm/W Board Level Efficacy with S6 Flux Bin 2.61umol/J
Due to these boards being dimmable and easily scalable they are perfect for close quarter growing conditions in commercial growing operations, especially for stackable crops such as microgreens, lettuces and other salad crops. They don't require heat sinks and produce little heat and when dimmed plants can be even closer to the light source. 
For further information on commercial fit outs, quotations or just a chat about the possibilities ? then please get in touch. 
These are the most efficient lights on the market right now.