Invisible Sun - Clone & Rooting Bar


length and pack size: Double Pack 2 x 20w Bars - 800mm
Sale price£119.95


  • Perfect for Rooting clones and seedling growth
  • Growing herbs & mushrooms 
  • Low wattage at 10w or 20w 
  • 5000k spectrum to initiate root & vegetative growth
  • Clear diffuser to protect LED
  • Powered by 24v DC power supply 


The Invisible Sun LED Clone & Rooting Bar is the perfect system to root and establish clones, grow seeds, herbs and even mushrooms. 

Powered by 5000k Samsung LED the Clone & Rooting Bars have the perfect spectrum to initiate root and vegetive growth.

The Clone & Root Bars are available in 10w and 20w variants, and available in single bar or double bar packs.

Single and double bar packs are easily powered by a single DC power supply which can power 2 bars at a time. 

10w Clone & Rooting Bar is 400mm in length and has a clear diffuser to protect LED

20w Clone & Rooting Bar is 800mm in length and has a clear diffuser to protect LED

Each pack is supplied with the following

  • Clone & Rooting Bar/ Bars
  • DC power supply
  • Hanging eyelets
  • Cable ties
  • Double packs include splitter cable


10w bar - 24mm * 22mm * 400mm 

20w bar - 24mm * 22mm * 800mm

Lamp Efficiency 

2 umol/j 

Recommended Hanging Distance

6-10 inches 


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