ISH - DRFR 80 - Deep Red & Far Red - Emerson Effect Supplement LED


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The DRFR 80 supplement light consists of a mix of deep red & far red LED. 


Features and Benefits

  • Deep Red 660nm & Far Red 730nm for Emerson Effect 
  • Improve mass of flowers
  • Shorten flowering time
  • Helps Improve yields
  • Leads to Denser Fruits
  • IP64 Water Resistant 

The ISH DFR 80 Is a supplemental LED grow light which is designed to help your plants flowering cycle with a boost of 660nm & 730nm wave lengths during flowering. 

Fully assembled and finished LED grow light supplement. 



DFR 80 Supplement Bar

20w Driver

Power Cable 

Hanging kit / cable ties



800mm L X 20mm W X 22mm H 

Power Consumption



2.7 umol/J

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