Welcome to our ISH150 v2 BR fixture test.

Today we are testing the ISH150 v2


  • 256 x Samsung LM301H cri 80 SM bin
  • 16 x Samsung LH351H V2 Reds
  • 120w output
  • Dimmable from 15w-120w
  • IP65

This is 256 LM301H and 16 LH351H per Linear PCB

System Power is 120w output ran off a Meanwell XLG 150 M AB

 ISH150 V2


Test equipment used for measurements:

  • 1m Integral Sphere f(sphere testing)
  • Light Scout (PAR testing)
  • Asence tek Lighting Passport Spectrometer (spectrum analysis)
  • Spectrum Genius Software (spectrum analysis)
  • 2ft x 2ft silver mylar lined grow tent (environment testing)


Asence tex lighting passport


Scenario & Objectives

objective: confirmation of efficiency and output from lighting fixture


  1. Sphere test Lighting unit to ascertain PPF ,  Umol/J and lm/w
  2. In depth spectrum analysis with the lighting passport and spectrum genius
  3. Create PAR map for average PPFD figures. 
  4. Check spectrum against chlorophyll a & b / phytochrome pr & ppr


Spectrum analysis completed at 18 inches as not to saturate spectrum analysis.

Par Maps completed at 18 Inches completed at

  • 12 Inches (30cm) full power 240w

With each test we analyze the spectrum and data, from the overall PPFD and Umol/J to the individual weighted spectrums and their efficiency. 


Below are the results for each test variant. 

120w full power

ISH150 v2 BR

Full Spectrum 400nm-700nm range
ISH150v2 BR spectrum analysis

  • PPFD high of 683.48 umol/m/s
  • Efficiency 59.84
  • 5.69 umol/m/s/W


Far Red 701nm-780nm
ISH150v2 BR Far red analysis

  • PPFD high 38.11 umol/m/s
  • Efficiency 59.82
  • 0.31 umol/m/s/W


Deep Red 600nm-700nm
ISH150 V2 BR Deep red analysis

  • PPFD high 308 umol/m/s
  • Efficiency 74.24
  • 2.56 umol/m/s/W

Green 500nm-599nm
ISh150 v2 BR green analysis

  • PPFD high 264.72 umol/m/s
  • Efficiency 67.12
  • 2.20 umol/m/s/W

Blue 400nm-499nm
ISH150 V2 BR Blue analysis

  • PPFD high 110.71 umol/m/s
  • Efficiency 33.22
  • 0.92 umol/m/s/W


UV 380nm-399nm
ISH150 V2 BR UVA analysis

  • PPFD high 1.06 umol/m/s
  • Efficiency 1.98 
  • 0.008 umol/m/s/W


Additional Parameters
ISH150 v2 BR additional spectrum analysis

  • DLI 59.05 mol/m2/D over 24 hours 
  • Overall CRI 90
  • 3428 Kelvin Range 


Chlorophyll a spectrum reference 

ISH150 v2 BR Chlorophyll a reference

Chlorophyll b spectrum reference 

ISH150 v2 BR Chlorophyll b reference






The ISH150 V2 BR

Fixture Efficacy - 2.7 umol/J

Efficiency at 18 Inches from canopy

Total PPFD output over 2ft x 2ft  - 17666

Average of 706PPFD across the 2ft x 2ft foot print

PPFD per Watt is 2.11